experience the joy of playing in a string orchestra

play date?

play with strIVngs is an event where anyone can come and have a try out session with strIVngs. 

During the session, participants will get to enjoy playing and rehearsing in an ensemble setting.

No experience needed.

We welcome everyone who would like to experience playing in an ensemble. 

Should I play or observe?

Definitely play! This is because strIVngs advocate a safe space for all participants. But no worries, feel free to be an observer if you feel that you might not be confident enough yet

Do I need to sightread?

There’s no need to sightread! The scores will be sent to you in advanced so that you will be able to have a look before the event. 

Do not worry if you are unable to play during the event itself. 


5th August 2023,
3 - 5.30PM

Participant ($30) Observer ($15)


Most frequent questions and answers

You are good enough to join! Do not worry about being unable to hit all the notes during the play with strIVngs session. We are not looking for professional players! Most importantly, you need to have the heart and motivation to play music!

The session is for you to experience how it is like to join the programme, where there will be learning and exploring. 

The scores will be sent out in advanced for you to take a look and prepare. Do not worry about being unable to play all the notes. 

When you receive the score and find that it is too hard for your current level, do feedback to us and we will make arrangement and changes promptly. 

Yes you may attend the play with strIVngs as an observer to experience the session from an audience perspective. Take note that fees do apply for observer.

strIVngs operates on the funds collected from the members for each session to run the rehearsals and concerts. We try our best to keep the cost low to provide the best platform for every participants.